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Natural Turf Vs Artificial Turf

So, you want a beautiful grassy area, but you just don’t know what is better, natural or artificial turf? Well, we think the answer is easy.  Do you want luxurious natural looking grass all year round with minimal maintenance? If you answered yes it’s simple, artificial turf is the way to go!

Still not convinced? We have compared the pair. We guarantee at the end of this blog you’ll want to book in for your artificial turf consultation and get that luscious green grass of your dreams.


Both types of grass can be installed quickly, however, with natural grass the ground needs to be prepared beforehand. Also, after installation, you will have to avoid walking on it for a minimum of a week and make sure it is watered. With artificial grass, you will need to lay down a base, apply a weed membrane and secure everything. Once it is done, it is recommended you don’t walk on it immediately, however, within a couple of days, it is good to go!


This is something important to consider, especially if you’re low on time, or you would rather spend your time doing things you love, like lazing by the pool or enjoying time with your family and friends. Maintaining natural grass areas can be time consuming and expensive.

If you have little time to care for your grass, artificial turf is the way to go since it is much more durable and requires very little maintenance compared to natural grass. It is also important to note that artificial grass is durable and with very little wear and tear, it will look good all year round. Now that is a win!

Natural grass on the other hand requires maintenance, otherwise, it will quickly become an unruly jungle or an uneven patchy and discoloured base. If you want your natural lawn to look good you will need to regularly mow, fertilise, weed and water it.


The durability of your grass is important, especially if your lawn will receive significant traffic. A more durable lawn can save you more time and money as it will look good for a long time.

There are plenty of things that can affect the overall look and condition of your grass, from hot summer days, weeds, pests, traffic and pets. If durability matters to you, synthetic grass is the way to go as it is a lot more durable than natural grass. It is also less vulnerable to weeds, pests or changes in temperature.

Environmental Impact

When choosing between artificial and natural grass, it is important to consider its impact on the environment. Artificial grass is great for the environment as it saves a huge amount of water. Water is one of the most fundamental natural resources we have and saving it is important, especially in Australia where we continually experience water bans due to scarcity.

Natural grass is environmentally friendly as it is a living organism. It contributes to the ecosystem by being a source of oxygen, filtering pollution and absorbing heat. However, despite the benefits of it being natural, there are a few drawbacks as well. Real grass will need to be sprayed with pesticides that are harmful to the environment in order to keep it in its best condition. It also takes a lot of water to maintain natural grass, especially in hot climates such as the Gold Coast. 

When deciding between the two, artificial grass is better for the environment.

So what do you prefer? Natural grass and artificial grass are both viable options that can work for your lawn, however, it’s clear artificial turf has the upper hand when it comes to environmental impact, durability, maintenance and installation.

The Luxe Turf founders have had a major role within the synthetic grass industry during the past 22 years, being actively involved with the ever-improving design, manufacturing and installation methods of new products.

Our mission is to service your synthetic turf requirements promptly and professionally while ensuring that cost is within budget. Our service will not disappoint and the quality of our products and completed projects will ensure the long list of satisfied customers we have worked with continues to grow. Our product range of luxurious lawns and synthetic turf surfaces has been designed to exceed the most demanding of aesthetic and performing levels.

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