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Our residential turf range has been developed using over 20 years of experience within the industry, working with advanced yarn technologies and the world leaders in artificial grass manufacturing.

The Luxe Turf premium range of artificial grasses has been tested and proven to be a favourite for many looking for the luxury feeling of luxurious turf without the usual maintenance issues of grown turf.

We will not only offer the most cost-effective to the most advanced residential turf products – we will present the best solution to you and we can also provide personal design features or performances using our research and development program.

Some Applications

Beautiful Lawn

Luxe Turf will provide a luxurious, great looking lawn.

Around the pool

Perfect for around the pool - no grass clippings or mud.

Great for pets

All of our customers and their dogs love their new Luxe Turf lawn.

Areas where real lawn just won't grow.

Perfect for those areas where real lawn just won't grow - no more unsightly dust or mud.

Home sports surface

Perfect to create sports surface such as golf putt, basketball, tennis or football to name a few.

Hard to access areas

We've made life so much easier for those clients with hard to access areas such as canal or riverfront, down steps or slopes.

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