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Luxe Turf specialises in providing seamless and professional synthetic turf solutions for golf courses in both residential and commercial properties.


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We’ve established numerous synthetic turf golf greens on the Gold Coast, replacing natural or worn concrete landscapes. The Luxe Pro & Luxe Leisure artificial golf green systems are permeable, facilitating the drainage of surface water and ensuring that the golf green remains compliant and playable in all weather conditions.

With an artificial green, you can maintain the aesthetic and performance of a professional putting green without extensive and costly maintenance. With our headquarters on the Gold Coast and an extensive network of industry experts, we can deliver your synthetic turf putting green project anywhere in Australia.

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Our sporting range has been meticulously developed through years of industry experience, combined with cutting-edge yarn technologies from global leaders in yarn extrusion.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast looking to practice your swing in the backyard or a commercial entity aiming to provide a state-of-the-art golfing experience, our synthetic grass is tailored to meet diverse needs. From residential spaces to commercial sports clubs, our artificial turf ensures optimal sports performance, giving players an unparalleled experience on the green.

At Luxe Turf, we believe in rejuvenation. It’s disheartening to see once-vibrant sports surfaces fall into disrepair. That’s why, beyond just installation, we offer comprehensive maintenance programs designed to breathe new life into older sports turfs. Whether it’s a tennis court, cricket pitch, or your cherished putting green, our team is committed to restoring its former glory, ensuring longevity and sustained performance. So, when you choose Luxe Turf, you’re not just getting a product; you’re investing in a lasting partnership.

Who We Are

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Luxe Putt Golf Turf

Luxe Putt Artificial Turf Putting Green

The Luxe Turf Team is a group of experienced artificial golf putting green turf professionals with various technical backgrounds within the industry who have a real passion for quality customer service.
We have all had many years of experience in designing and manufacturing synthetic turf and played a big part in the development of some of the fantastic products now available.
While we continue to design new and innovative turf varieties, we now offer our services to provide consultation, supply and installation of all landscape, commercial and sporting projects.
We are here to make sure you have access to the best advice, the most advanced products and that your project is completed to the highest standard.


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