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How to take care of your artificial grass

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly laid artificial grass. It’s durable, strong and holds up in all weather conditions. Our artificial grass will look great all year round. It’s UV protected and water will drain away during heavy rain.

But how do you keep it looking good year after year? 

Unlike natural grass, which needs constant weeding, mowing and fertilising, artificial grass is very low maintenance. That said, there are a few things you should know about taking care of your artificial grass.

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Tools you need: 

  • A hose. 
  • A hard-bristled (synthetic) brush or a rake.
  • A leaf blower.

Cleaning artificial grass

There are several things that influence how often you’ll need to carry out regular maintenance on your artificial lawn. Do you have pets? Is your synthetic grass in a high traffic area? Are there plants or trees in the area that drop leaves and debris on the grass? 

If you have residential artificial grass or commercial turf we recommend hosing it off at least once a week to remove any dirt, although high traffic areas might need more frequent cleaning. Leaf blowers are great at removing any loose debris off your grass in-between cleans. 

For more serious stains and ingrained dirt

Giving your artificial grass a good deep-down clean with a hard-bristled brush once a month will get rid of any hard to remove dirt and grime, this can also help to fluff up your artificial grass. Even for more stubborn stains, we don’t recommend any chemical cleaning products, only mild soapy water or a water/vinegar solution.

Always pick up pet waste as soon as possible. Hosing it suffice, however it may also need to be deodorised with a vinegar/water mix and an enzyme-neutralising cleaner which you can pick up from your local pet shop. 

For more serious spills like petrol or oil, clean up as much as possible before using a mineral turpentine to remove the oily substance. Once this is applied, hose it off thoroughly. 

If you have something sticky on your artificial grass, for example chewing gum, you can apply ice cubes so the gum goes hard, then simply scrape it off. If it’s stubborn, try olive oil then a dry cloth. 

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do for burns, so it’s best to keep naked flames, cigarettes and anything that could start a fire away from your artificial grass. If you have a burn mark on your artificial grass, call us so we can repair it for you. 

Let Luxe Turf take care of your artificial grass

Not only do we supply and install artificial grass on the Gold Coast, the team at Luxe Turf also provides maintenance programs. Our trained professionals will keep your grass looking fabulous, whether it’s new, or older synthetic grass that needs some tender loving care. 

To find out more about our artificial grass, or to book in some much-needed maintenance, contact Luxe Turf online or call 0400 559 958. 

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