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3 Benefits of Artificial Turf For A Putting Green

Don’t you wish that your garden had green grass all-year-round and that it is always maintained to let you enjoy a good round of golf at any time? Well, we’re sure that every homeowner with a lawn does want that! 

With that in mind, you end up spending lots of time and effort trying to maintain real growing putting grass on your turf. However, we might have the solution for you to enjoy putting every day without much effort on the lawn—artificial grass

If you are wondering why artificial or synthetic grass is a great option, we will share with you three reasons:


  1. It offers a greater return of investment

If you already have high-quality grass with you, turning that into putting green will be much cheaper than having artificial grass installed. Maintaining that grass, however, can require much of your effort, meaning that you must put lots of time and energy in ensuring that the grass remains in tip-top condition at all times.

 Because of this, while real grass can be cheaper, artificial turf often offers a greater return of investment, especially in the long run. Requiring minimal maintenance and offering a playable area all-year-round, a synthetic putting green is perfect, especially for those who are busy to maintain the lawn by themselves.


  1. It can be installed anywhere

In terms of location, artificial grass is much more flexible when compared to real grass due to obvious constraints. Real grass can only be grown in certain places and under certain conditions. For example, real grass requires fertile soil, water, and sunlight to stay alive. On the other hand, artificial grass requires none of that.

This is why artificial grass can be placed anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be placed on the floor! It can be installed on walls and even ceilings if one should wish to do so. That said, when it comes to putting green, using artificial grass means that you can install that green anywhere, outdoors or indoors! No matter where you put them, it’ll always be beautiful and perfect for play.


  1. It can maintain playable conditions

While it must be said that nothing can ever beat real grass, keeping it in playable conditions requires much hard work. From foot traffic to the weather, various factors can play a role that’ll damage your lawn putting green.

 That said, artificial grass can hold up to any of these factors! While it might not be able to give the feel of real grass, it’ll be able to compensate for its extremely durable nature. In fact, if you’re planning to only practice, artificial grass can allow you to do that anytime! In other words, keep the real grass at the golf courses, and install artificial grass on your lawn for practice!



An artificial putting green is a perfect solution for anyone who does not have the time to maintain real grass for the same purpose. To add to this, it is perhaps the only solution if anyone plans to build their putting green indoors where the sun, water, and soil isn’t adequate for real grass to grow. 

If you are planning to install artificial putting grass, we highly recommend that you only do so with the help of professionals. That way, not only will they be able to install high-quality artificial putting grass, but they’ll also make sure it is installed properly to ensure maximum durability, perfect play, and beautiful aesthetics!

If you are looking for professionals at Gold Coast to help install your artificial putting grass, get in touch with us through our website today!



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