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Why Is Fake Grass an Excellent Addition Around Your Pool

Your pool is an excellent place to hang out during the summer to relax and unwind. To get the most of your pool time, you can customise a landscape around your pool to improve its aesthetic appeal and to help set the pool vibe for everyone who wants to take a dip. 

It is best to keep the safety and security of swimmers in mind. Although a landscape is a given that’s supposed to be visually appealing, homeowners should also pay attention to the associated hazards of landscaping. Luckily, there are ways to help increase the level of security of your pool. One example is the addition of artificial turf in crucial areas. 

Here’s why artificial grass is a no-brainer addition to the landscape around the pool:  


Great drainage properties

Aside from being virtually maintenance-free, one thing that sets artificial grass apart from real grass is its drainage capacity. If you put real grass around your pool, it would tend to form puddles. In extreme cases, the terrain gets destroyed and turns entirely to mud. When that happens, mud and dirt can get into your pool as swimmers enter and exit and step in the mud. Additionally, the dirt might get into your house too.


Lifeless grass means less maintenance

A pool needs certain chemicals to operate and maintain a safe environment for swimmers free from microbial growth. However, these chemicals can damage real grass. As a result, your lawn might die, which might require an expensive fee to bring back to life.

Artificial turf doesn’t cause problems for the pool owner. Once it’s installed, it seldom requires maintenance, unless it has reached the end of its lifespan. The best part is they don’t pollute your pool with organic trash that might dirty your pool.


Artificial turf is a safe, non-slip cover

Artificial turf is ideal around a pool area as it provides additional slip resistance for swimmers. The area around the pool is prone to sliding since it’s near the surface. However, instead of tiles or other slippery surfaces, pool owners might choose to surround the area with concrete or bricks. 

There is one problem concerning concrete or bricks, however. During high temperatures, concrete and masonry surfaces tend to heat up. When this happens, it might deter you and other swimmers from swimming in the pool. Fake grass solves this problem entirely by providing a non-slip surface that doesn’t heat up with rising temperatures.  


Artificial grass is gorgeous 

Your pool area is the focal point of your backyard. Artificial turf help create a stunning tropical contrast to the crisp fresh pool water. It’s the perfect addition to a pool to make it appear like an oasis in the desert. 



Artificial grass is an excellent anti-slip addition to your pool landscape. It requires less maintenance as there’s no mowing, seeding, and fertilising required compared to regular alive grass. With that said, you get more time to spare to enjoy the pool itself rather than perform gardener duties.

Are you planning to install artificial turf on the Gold Coast? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help!


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