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Why Install Artificial Turf? On Par with the Course

People often say that change is the only permanent thing in the world. Over the years, changes have ranged from one thing to another. Wired landline telephones have been replaced by smartphones. Actual bicycles have been replaced by stationary cycling machines. If you look closely into it, all of these innovations have one single common purpose, and that is to provide man with more convenience.


In the field of golf, some people have found it more leisurely to practice at the comfort of their own backyards. How’s that possible, you may ask? Two words: artificial turf.


The Front Nine: Highlighting the Pros


There are several advantages of having an artificial turf installed in your backyard. Aside from being more comfortable since you’re at home, you wouldn’t need to pack your clubs and drive all the way to the golf course. Instead of spending the time fussing over the logistics, you can already spend that precious time in perfecting your swing and skills. 


You can practice anytime you want without paying for the greens or ball fees. It can also help provide you with a beautiful landscaping element, perfect for you and even your kids to play on. It’s a perfect sport you can even teach your kids. That way, you’re not just helping develop their skills, but you’re also already having a wonderful bonding moment. Investing in the right type of residential artificial grass will guarantee you the best results. Whether you want to have the basic green or have it customised specifically for your taste, you have plenty of options to choose from.


The Back Nine: Debunking the Cons


Most people think that having an artificial turf installed is a luxury they couldn’t afford. However, thanks to the benefits of the modern synthetic turf, you can now have the private golf playing area you’ve been dreaming of. 


Another common misconception is that opting for the putting green will cost you more in the long run. It’s not true necessarily. Hiring professionals to install your high-quality turf will help you save with the cost. Rather than troubling yourself about the time and effort required to maintain your natural grass lawn, you can just rest easy because you’re sure you have the premium quality type installed. If you’re worried about it not being up to par to the real one, worry no more, because a top-quality artificial turf is designed to offer realistic results like the ball roll and ball control.


Heading In: The Final Shot


Whether you want a custom green with the specific size, shape, or terrain that you want or have the basic green installed, the pros of investing on a high-quality putting green can still outweigh the cons. Furthermore, hire professionals that are specialised in providing you with hassle-free installations of premium synthetic turf to ensure you’re receiving the best services. With a putting green on your backyard, you can be quite sure that the grass will always be greener on all sides.


For your residential, commercial and sporting facility needs, visit the Gold Coast Artificial Grass Professionals: Luxe Turf, to see how can we help.

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