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Our Guide to Artificial Putting Golf Grass - What to Know

With an option to install artificial putting golf grass in your backyard, you can practice the game anytime you want, regardless of the weather.


Have you walked along a golf course and marvelled at how lush and beautifully coloured the grass looks? With millions of people playing golf, it has become one of the most popular outdoor activities over the last decade. You can either treat golf as a serious sport or just a relaxing activity.

home putting green turf

Golf, however, is not always an accessible sport. There are times when you need to drive for hours, the weather will not permit it, or probably, you just do not have the time to play golf because of your other priorities. 


With an option to install artificial putting golf grass in your backyard, you can practice the game anytime you want, regardless of the weather.


Benefits of Artificial Putting Grass on Your Backyard


Aside from having the luxury to play golf in your backyard at any time you want, having an artificial putting grass can offer other benefits.


Saves Time

Having artificial turf installed in your Gold Coast property by Luxe Turf is pretty convenient. Since you have the luxury of having suitable putting greens right outside your door, you don’t have to drive or walk far to play golf.



With natural grasses, you will need to maintain your lawn constantly. Some processes and lawn maintenance products are made from ingredients that could harm the planet and the local ecosystem. With synthetic grass, you do not have to worry about maintenance and carbon emissions. The planet will be safe from danger since there is no need to use hazardous chemicals to maintain your lawn.


Easy to Maintain

Amateur or professional golfing enthusiasts know the amount of work that comes with putting grass maintenance. With having residential artificial grass, you do not have to worry about maintenance or keeping your lawn looking elegant as always. You don’t have to mow, fertilize, or water your putting greens ever.



Most synthetic turf for golf is made from non-toxic materials that are extremely safe for your kids and your pets. So when you see them crawling or walking around your golf course, there is no need to be concerned. Additionally, you also do not have to worry about your kids playing in an unsafe treated lawn since you will not be using toxic chemicals for lawn care and treatment.


What Does It Take to Install Artificial Putting Greens?

artificial turf putting greenAs enticing as it sounds, given the benefits of installing synthetic turf putting green in the Gold Coast, there are factors that need to be considered in the whole process, including:

  • Formal completion of the plan
  • Site and backyard preparation
  • Synthetic grass installation

The process can be complicated and should only be handled by professionals. With regards to the cost of the installation, there are also factors that affect the final price range, and these include:

  • The style and size of the garden
  • The specific type of turf
  • The level of difficulty of the site preparation

Keep in mind that not all golfers are the same. Obviously, each one will have different requirements when it comes to their turf. Consult an expert who can guide you every step of the way, from design planning to installation. 

If you’re looking for professional artificial turf installation in Gold Coast, get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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