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Why Artificial Grass Actually Increases Your Home's Value

Homeownership means constantly improving your property and trying to increase its overall value, not just updating its aesthetics. One upgrade many home designers and real estate agents suggest to clients is artificial grass. Unfortunately, the term “artificial grass” often leaves homeowners with the thought of a cheap, unnatural looking lawn. 

While the artificial grass of yesteryear may have looked synthetic and cheap, the product has come a long way. Still, the common question always comes up: “why use fake grass when I can use real grass?”

While natural grass isn’t without its merits, artificial turf has the edge when it comes to aesthetics and monetary value. Here’s why:

  1. Artificial grass is designed to look real

Although in its essence, artificial grass is still synthetic, you often wouldn’t notice if you weren’t told. Sure, you when you look closely—and by this, we mean extremely close—it won’t be long till you realize that the grass is synthetic. However, the idea behind it is to supply a property’s lack of greenery in terms of aesthetics—and it will deliver. 

Artificial turf looks just like the real deal and manufacturers have found different ways on how to mimic it over the years. Therefore, in terms of purpose, artificial grass is no different than natural grass.

  1. It requires little maintenance

Imagine having a home with a sleek backyard surrounded by beautiful, radiant, solid green grass that doesn’t ever grow and won’t need any cutting, treatment, and mud. With artificial, you can have all of that freedom from unnecessary maintenance work. Unlike natural grass, artificial doesn’t need to be trimmed every week.

Artificial turf stays the same size from the day it’s installed to years in the future. For that reason alone, artificial grass will reduce the load of your home maintenance duties. You won’t have to worry about cutting the grass for your backyard BBQs with friends and family. Subsequently, you also won’t need to spend on additional maintenance equipment. Say goodbye to that lawnmower—you won’t need it anymore! 

Most homeowners do prefer artificial grass; they just don’t know it yet. But if you plan to sell your home someday, that convenience factor that comes with having artificial grass installed is going to increase the value of your home.

  1. It comes in different types

Whether you need something for relaxing in your backyard or to play sports, there’s always a turf for that. If you’re going for a clean and luxurious look, you can get the coastal turf. Want to play tennis in your backyard? There’s a tennis turf perfect for your tennis rush.

Artificial grass comes in different types. No matter what type of grass you need, it’s available in the artificial form. What’s better is that you won’t to wait for the grass to grow. If you decide that you want a soccer field on a whim, you can call the pros and have it installed the next day. Imagine having a soccer field in your backyard! That alone is enough to make your property increase highly in value.


Artificial grass has been around for years in the world of property design, but most people don’t realize that it actually increases a property’s value. Not only does synthetic grass improves the house’s aesthetics, but it also increases the convenience of living in it. For that reason, more homeowners would prefer synthetic over natural grass.

Looking for quality synthetic turf in Gold Coast? We can provide you with that! Check us out today at Luxe Turf to learn more about our product line of artificial grass.

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