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5 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect For Playgrounds

Playgrounds are among the best spots for families to gather and have fun under the sun. They inspire physical activities and allow everyone to have an enjoyable bonding experience. However, everyone wants to keep it safe and have lower chances of incurring injuries, especially for kids. For this reason, synthetic turf for outdoor parks and playgrounds can be beneficial for recreational activities.

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Here are some important reasons having artificial grass for playgrounds is a must:


  1. Good for compliance

There are requirements that must be met for public playgrounds. Since they need to ensure that there’s minimal risk of injuries, artificial grass is a fantastic solution. Synthetic turf is a great choice for ground cover, which is a major necessity for compliance.

Because synthetic grass absorbs shock and cushions an individual’s fall, kids can safely enjoy their time in the area. Unlike artificial grass, natural grass is not as soft, and it can even lead to more injuries and abrasions.


  1. Accessibility

A motivator for outdoor recreation for most people is to engage in social activities and build a connection with their community. Having one area where everyone can gather together will be beneficial for these people. To inspire that, it’s important to build an environment where everyone feels safe and they belong.


Using artificial grass as ground cover for recreational parks allow people to visit the place without any worries. Some people who have disabilities may have a hard time accessing the park if the surface is too bumpy or rough. As such, synthetic grass is a need for recreational parks and playgrounds to be welcoming to all kinds of people.


  1. Cleaner environment for kids

Kids love to run around and play physically involving games. As such, they often fall or roll on the ground, which can lead to being covered in dirt and mud. On natural grounds, it can be messy for kids. Synthetic grass offers a cleaner environment for kids. Unlike natural ground and grass, artificial grass doesn’t contain dirt and foreign materials. Synthetic grass also eliminates puddles and mud, which gives parents fewer things to worry about.

A clean environment is vital for the wellbeing of children. By keeping it simple and clean, synthetic grass on parks and playgrounds make the area a lot more desirable for families to visit.


  1. Lower maintenance work

Since artificial turf doesn’t grow, there are fewer maintenance processes involved. With natural grass, regular maintenance is a must to keep it clean and orderly. It can be difficult to organise and schedule may be affected, depending on the weather. 

With synthetic grass, there’s no need for watering, mowing, or weeding, keeping the maintenance work low.


  1. Lower maintenance cost

Because maintenance is relatively low, so are the expenses required for maintenance. With natural turf, maintenance should be done regularly, which can ramp up the costs. With synthetic turf, it eliminates the need for heavy and major maintenance, saving a significant amount on opportunity costs.



Synthetic turf—while not a specific requirement for playgrounds—are fantastic ground covers to keep kids safe and parents at ease. That makes it a good consideration for ground covers. Additionally, it not only eliminates the need for maintenance and the relative costs, which is beneficial to those who don’t want to involve themselves in lengthy processes.

Synthetic turf makes active fun outdoors a lot more peaceful! We’ll help you install synthetic turf in parks and playgrounds anywhere in the Gold Coast – contact us now!

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