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3 Reasons You Should Outfit Your Pet Run Area With Artificial Turf

For any kind of pet owner or fur parent, it goes without saying that we all want the very best for our cuddly and ever-dependable animal pals. 

From getting the best food (and even preparing separate home-cooked meals) to quality time at the park, there are all sorts of ways to spoil your pets and show them exactly how much you love them. Out of all the different ways that you can help treat your furry pal to the finest experiences in life, however, there’s one option that can easily provide your pet with years of happy memories: artificial turf pet runs. 


Why artificial turf?

Artificial turf has become revered as a staple investment as opposed to natural grass, which can easily get dirty and bump up the risk of your pet contracting ticks. 

As opposed to the olden days of pet ownership where tiring and thorough cleanups nearly every day were the norm, the synthetic grass substitute has ushered in a more convenient age of pet ownership. 

If you’re still unconvinced of the advantages of artificial turf, then here are a few clear-cut benefits why you should make the investment today:

Artificial grass is great for any pet owner that suffers from related allergies

If you get a bit of a sniffle every time you bring in Benji after a fun day of playing outdoors, then chances are that your pet has brought allergens from the outside world right into your home. 

Synthetic materials are a perfect option for any playful pup or kitten that loves to roll around in the grass but can easily end up with a nasty rash that may put their health in danger as well. With the help of artificial turf from Luxe Turf, however, you can protect yourself and your pet from nasty allergies that come from naturally-occurring compounds in the grass. 

Artificial turf is built to handle even the roughest of playtimes

In most cases, nothing could possibly be rowdier than an over-excited pup that just wants to play and keep themselves entertained. Fortunately, today’s turf options are much more capable of handling even the biggest and roughest of dogs so that you won’t have to worry about your well-kept lawn going bald. Additionally, going synthetic also means that you’ll be able to keep your furry pal as clean as possible, as faux-grass pads don’t have any of the dirt and muck that can make your pets filthy.

Today’s artificial turf options are decked with excellent drainage

For any kind of pet run, it is absolutely essential to have an excellent amount of drainage, in order to ensure that every playtime session is as hygienic as possible. This is where artificial turf comes in. Thanks to the innovative technologies that go into today’s synthetic textile options, patches of artificial grass are outfitted with the necessary tech to ensure that all kinds of liquid and stains go through and out of every pad.


With the help of artificial turfing, you can greatly improve your pet’s running quality by giving them a safer and more affordable option to maximize their playtime sessions. 

Want to help your pet thoroughly enjoy their pet run? Check out our artificial turf in Gold Coast and have them professionally installed today! 

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