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Why are more homeowners choosing synthetic turf over natural grass

As you drive through your local neighbourhood, you’ll probably come across several properties where homeowners have opted for synthetic grass over natural grass. The many benefits of artificial turf have made it a popular option on the Gold Coast, and it’s become the go-to product for homeowners looking to improve the look and function of their properties. 

But why are homeowners choosing synthetic turf over natural grass? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Luxe Turf’s artificial grass.

Low maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of synthetic turf is that it requires hardly any maintenance. Unlike natural grass, which needs constant mowing (once a week in the summer), fertilising and weeding, artificial turn needs very little maintenance to keep it looking great.

The only tools you need to take care of synthetic turf include a hose, a hard-bristled (synthetic) brush or rake, and a leaf blower to remove loose debris. In most cases, to clean artificial turf all you need is a leaf blower or a hose. To remove more serious marks, you can use a hard-bristled brush. 

Minimise water usage 

Natural grass needs constant watering to keep it nice, healthy and green. Alternatively, artificial grass needs hardly any. You will only need water once a week to give it a quick hose off to remove dirt or loose debris.  

Save money

Opting for synthetic grass instead of natural grass can save you money. While it may seem more expensive at first, over time you will see that it’s the most cost-effective solution. With less maintenance, artificial turf will save you money on lawn equipment such as mowers and trimmers. 

It also eliminates the need for fertilising and watering, which are both expenses that can add up over time. By installing synthetic turf, you can significantly reduce your water bills and make an investment that will continue to save you money for years to come. 


Unlike natural grass, which is affected by the seasons and changes in weather, synthetic turf looks great all year round. Whether it’s rainy or a hot summer’s day, artificial turf stands the test of time. Synthetic turf grass is great for high-traffic areas, and can last for many years with proper care. 

Prevent allergies

Many people are sensitive to natural grass and have allergies to pollen, grass seeds or insects. When you install synthetic turf you can minimise allergic reactions while still having the benefit of great-looking grass.  

Better for the environment

Did you know artificial turf has a smaller carbon footprint than natural grass? This is because synthetic grass doesn’t need watering and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and fungicides to keep it looking great. The run-off from natural grass can contaminate surrounding areas, whereas most of the time, artificial turf only requires a quick hose off. 

Suitable for pets

It might be surprising to learn, but artificial turf is great for pets. No more digging up holes in the dirt or dirty paw prints trampled through the house; synthetic grass is the no-mess alternative. 

If your pet has allergies to grass, synthetic turf is a great toxic-free option to natural grass, and dog poop can be easily removed by picking it up, then rinsing it off with a hose. 

Enhance your space

It’s not easy to keep natural grass looking great all year long. Synthetic turf consistently looks great, with no brown spots. It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants to look at a well-manicured lawn every day of the year without spending time and money on maintenance. 

Types of artificial turf from Luxe Turf

Luxe Turf has three types of synthetic turf, including: 

Comfort Turf: A nice natural look with an extra luxurious feel. 

Coastal Turf: Lush and green, get the look of freshly cut grass every day of the year. 

Forever Turf: Inspired by Australian grass, this is durable and great for residential lawns. 

The team at Luxe Turf specialise in the design, supply and installation of synthetic grass on the Gold Coast, both residential and commercial. Contact us today to find out how we can help you swap from natural grass to artificial turf.

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