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The secret to long-lasting artificial turf

In today’s economic climate, everybody wants things to last longer  – and artificial turf is no exception. Installing artificial turf isn’t just a simple addition to your outdoor space; it’s an investment in the long-term beauty, functionality, and sustainability of your outdoor landscape.

So what’s the secret to long-lasting artificial turf on the Gold Coast? As the experts in artificial turf on the Gold Coast, let’s take a look at the factors that will make your turf last longer.


The quality of your artificial turf matters. High-quality turf will be more durable and possess qualities such as UV resistance to ensure it lasts longer. Artificial turf made from high-quality materials will withstand the elements, resist fading and stay looking great for years to come. 

At Luxe Turf, our turf is made from advanced technology extruded polyethylene and polypropylene to ensure unparalleled durability, realistic aesthetics, and a lush feel that stands the test of time.

We offer three types of synthetic turf, including: 

Comfort Turf: A nice natural look with an extra luxurious feel. 

Coastal Turf: Lush and green, get the look of freshly cut grass every day of the year. 

Forever Turf: Inspired by Australian grass, this is durable and great for residential lawns. 

Professional installation

While we do offer DIY installation here at Luxe Turf, we do recommend leaving the installation to the professionals. We have a greater understanding of how to prep the base, ensuring exceptional drainage and a stable surface. Professional installation will not only make your turf look better but it will prevent issues like uneven surfaces. 

Ongoing care and maintenance

Artificial turf requires very little maintenance – in fact, it needs significantly less maintenance than natural grass. Maintenance involves removing debris, hosing off dust and dirt and ensuring pet mess is picked up as soon as possible. For more stubborn stains all you need is a brush and some elbow grease. 

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Good drainage

One major component in keeping artificial grass looking great year after year is proper drainage. It’s essential to create a good base for your turf using the right infill materials. This prevents any water-related issues such as mould or unpleasant odours. 

Choose the correct infill

It’s important to choose the right infill material. Infill material (such as silica sand) will weigh down the turf and provide support. The wrong infill could result in uneven artificial turf. 

Protect against heavy objects

It’s essential to protect your turf against heavy objects such as outdoor furniture. Never drag or drop heavy objects on your artificial turf as it can cause rips and other damage. We recommend using protective pads under furniture legs to distribute the weight evenly. 

Fix damage promptly

If your artificial turf is damaged in any way, we recommend fixing it as soon as possible to avoid further issues. Patch up small tears with an adhesive designed for turf repair and consult a professional if the damage is more serious. 

Investing in artificial turf can transform your outdoor space. The key to making it last is choosing quality turf that is professionally installed, carrying out regular maintenance, ensuring good drainage and the proper infill and protecting it against heavy objects while fixing damage promptly. 

If you follow these straightforward steps, you’ll enjoy long-lasting, vibrant artificial turf that enhances your home or business for years to come.

For more information on artificial turf contact Luxe Turf today. 

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