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Game-changing surfaces: The benefits of artificial turf for cricket pitches

Cricket is a game of precision and skill, so it makes sense that you expect your cricket pitch and surrounding grounds to live up to the same high standards. Your players deserve the best playing surface and thanks to artificial turf, they can have this! 

Artificial turf not only looks great but is durable and offers the perfect playing surface for cricket. Cricket clubs around the world are choosing artificial turf for cricket pitches as the premium option. Here are a few of the main benefits of synthetic turf. 

Consistency and predictability

Cricket pitches need consistency and predictability, so artificial turf is the perfect answer. Natural grass is easily affected by weather which causes holes and divots. Artificial turf is uniform and allows players to show off their skills knowing the surface remains the same no matter the conditions. 

Low maintenance, high performance

Maintaining a natural cricket pitch can be a time-consuming task as it requires constant mowing, watering and pest control. Artificial turf provides a high-performance playing surface that requires little maintenance. Save time and save on maintenance costs with artificial turf. 

All-weather performance

Natural cricket pitches are highly dependent on weather for their performance. Rain and heat can greatly impact the quality of a natural pitch, however artificial turf is designed to withstand all types of weather, maintaining the quality of your pitch. 


Cricket pitches are subjected to constant running, sliding and batting. Artificial turf is durable and has great resistance to wear and tear when under heavy usage.  A durable pitch lasts longer, saving your club money in the long run. 

Safer surface

Artificial turf cricket pitches are designed with player safety in mind. The consistent and shock-absorbent nature of the turf helps reduce the risk of injuries caused by uneven surfaces or sudden changes in the playing field. 


Artificial turf allows cricket clubs to tailor the playing surface to specific performance requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the speed of the pitch or customising the bounce, clubs have the flexibility to create a surface that aligns with their team’s strategy and enhances overall gameplay.

Luxe turf for cricket pitches on the Gold Coast

Artificial turf is a game-changer when it comes to cricket pitches. The many benefits make it the perfect option for Gold Coast cricket clubs. 

Luxe Cricket Pitch

Luxe Cricket Pitch offers a reliable playing surface designed for school, council, and club cricket. Manufactured in Australia, this pitch features a construction using a design favoured by Australian cricket clubs for many years. It’s available in various widths and lengths to accommodate different training and test pitch sizes. 

With a height of 10mm, the Luxe Cricket Pitch is constructed from heavy-duty Polypropylene cricket turf, making it suitable for schools, training facilities, and cricket clubs. 

If your club is looking to improve your cricket pitch and upgrade to artificial turf, contact the experts at Luxe Turf online or call 0400 559 958 and speak to us today. 

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