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Beyond grass: Revolutionising outdoor play with artificial turf

When it comes to taking your childcare centre to the next level you need to start thinking outside-the-box. To really stand out against your competition, while providing the safest and most engaging environment for small children you need to push the boundaries and embrace innovative solutions. 

One very simple way to elevate your centre is to ensure your outdoor spaces are vibrant, safe and fun for children of all ages. But it’s not only about the play equipment! The surface of your play area is equally important and can have a significant impact on children’s play. 

Why choose artificial turf for childcare centres

The Luxe Turf team can’t think of a better option for covering the surface of play areas. It helps to create a vibrant and dynamic outdoor environment and is an innovative option that has many benefits. Some of the benefits of artificial turf for childcare centres include: 

A safe and allergy-free option

Grass allergies make it very difficult for some children to play outdoors. Artificial turf is an allergy-free play surface that allows them to play outside without any discomfort or health issues. It’s also soft and provides a cushioned landing if they fall off playground equipment, reducing injuries during play. 

No more muddy footprints

Do you find yourself keeping the children indoors to avoid mud when it’s been raining? By installing artificial turf, you are avoiding mess and giving children the opportunity to play even when the weather has been less than perfect. Artificial grass allows for year-round play, ensuring that every day becomes a play day, regardless of the weather conditions. Luxe Turf’s high-quality synthetic grass provides a clean and safe outdoor environment, allowing children to explore, learn, and have fun in the fresh air throughout the entire year.

Less maintenance

With so many jobs to do around a childcare centre, it makes sense to reduce your workload. Childcare managers (and maintenance workers) will love the low-maintenance nature of artificial turf and how it only requires minimal upkeep compared to natural grass. You’ll save on both time and resources – with it only needing the occasional hose off or brush to keep it looking great. 

Customisable designs

Childcare centres are all about embracing imagination and fun, so understandably you might want to get creative in all aspects of your outdoor play area design. At Luxe Turf, we’ll work with you to come up with the best designs, colours, patterns, shapes and game lines to ensure you have the most engaging play area for your children. 

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

If you’re like many childcare centres, you will jump at the opportunity to embrace environmentally responsible choices for your centre. Luxe Turf takes pride in offering environmentally artificial turf that requires no pesticides, herbicides, or excessive water usage, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor play space. 

A quieter outdoor space

Outdoor play at childcare centres is always going to be loud – and that’s the way you like it, however artificial turf does serve as an excellent noise dampener, providing a softer surface for a variety of activities that cuts down excessive noise that would occur with harder surfaces. 


Synthetic turf for childcare centres provides a wheelchair-friendly and accessible surface, ensuring that all children, regardless of mobility, can participate fully in outdoor play. 

Gold Coast artificial turf – Luxe Turf

Luxe Turf provides two exceptional commercial turf options tailored for childcare play areas. 

The durability and soft, safe feel of LeisureTurf 20 make it ideal for high-use play areas, while Forever Turf offers versatility suitable for various commercial recreation spaces. 

Luxe Turf’s artificial grass goes beyond the constraints of natural grass, offering childcare centre managers an innovative and practical solution for establishing safe, engaging, and sustainable outdoor play spaces. Embrace the future of outdoor play with Luxe Turf. 

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