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The benefits of artificial turf for sports clubs

The benefits of artificial turf for sports clubs go far beyond its exceptional performance. It has a variety of advantages over natural grass and offers sporting clubs an affordable way to provide the best playing conditions for sportspeople all year round. 

Luxe Turf is a leading provider of artificial turf on the Gold Coast, supplying and installing turf for sporting clubs across the coast. We only supply the best quality turf available to ensure its performance, durability and sustainability for all the sporting clubs we work with.  

Some of the main benefits of artificial turf for sports clubs include: 

Durability and longevity

Sports clubs are subjected to constant use and high traffic and surfaces need to be durable and built to last to ensure it’s cost-efficient for your club. At Luxe Turf, our synthetic grass is engineered from durable materials that stand up to wear and tear and it stays looking great year after year. It’s a cost-effective solution that doesn’t need constant maintenance. 

Low maintenance

There’s a lot of work to do to keep natural grass in optimal condition. It needs constant watering, fertilising, mowing and pest control which takes both time and money. The costs involved in watering and maintaining natural grass playing fields can be especially expensive if you’re paying a maintenance or grounds person to look after your sporting grounds. 

On the other hand, artificial turf requires very little maintenance. There’s no need for watering, fertilising, pest control or expensive lawn equipment. All your artificial grass needs is an occasional hose-off and a scrub with a brush for more stubborn stains. 

Play in all weather conditions

Artificial turf is great in all weather conditions. Rainy weather can turn sports fields into muddy messes, making them unsafe for play. It can take days for natural grass to dry out, delaying games and stopping training. Artificial turf is perforated, so water drains away quicker, giving you a dry playing surface in a shorter amount of time. 

Natural grass sporting fields can also dry out in the sun, making it a hard, dusty and uncomfortable surface to play on. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is UV protected and stays soft and dust-free day after day. 

Reduced allergies

It’s well known that natural grass can trigger allergic reactions, and with so many players using sporting clubs, it can pose a real risk for some people. One of the greatest advantages of artificial turf is that it’s allergy free and doesn’t contain pollen or other allergens. 

Improved performance

Artificial turf playing fields give sports players a consistent surface to play on day after day, regardless of the conditions. Unlike natural grass which can become uneven, rocky, muddy or slippery, artificial turf offers a reliable and predictable playing surface. 


Artificial turf can be customised to meet the needs of your sports club. It can be tailored to your sport with field markings, logos and designs. This flexibility makes it great for multi-purpose sports fields which require different lines and multiple colours. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Depending on the weather, natural grass can look patchy and even brown without proper care and maintenance. Artificial turf, however, looks great day-in day-out with very little maintenance. It looks lush and green with just a hose off and will look beautiful when opposing sporting clubs visit for special events or tournaments. 

Sporting fields by Luxe Turf

For durability, cost-efficiency and performance, artificial turf is the ultimate choice for sports clubs. At Luxe Turf, we’re the experts in supplying and installing artificial turf and only use the best quality synthetic grass available. 

We supply and install artificial turf for tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf greens, soccer fields and multi-sport fields. Whether you choose our Luxe Pro Tennis, Luxe Leisure Tennis or Luxe Cricket Pitch, our turf is durable, low maintenance and will elevate your sports club to a whole new level. 

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