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Safe, durable and fun: The benefits of artificial turf for childcare centres

Childcare centres play an important role in early childhood development and provide an environment where children can learn, explore and grow. To create safe and engaging outdoor spaces for play, many childcare centres choose artificial turf as the solution. Let’s explore the many benefits of artificial turf for childcare centre playgrounds and discover why it’s such a popular choice. 

It’s safe   

Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to choosing materials for childcare centre playgrounds. Artificial turf is a great option as it offers cushioning and has shock-absorbing properties that lessens the impact of falls and reduces the risk of injuries. It gives both teachers and parents the peace of mind that if their children fall off any play equipment they have less chance of getting hurt. 

Artificial turf is also a great option for those with allergies. Unlike natural grass which contains many allergens that can trigger allergic reactions, artificial turf doesn’t contain pollen or other allergens. 

It’s durable

Childcare centre playgrounds are busy, with children running around here and there and educators constantly walking back and forth. One of the great benefits of quality artificial turf is its durability. At Luxe Turf, our superior-quality synthetic turf is engineered to withstand frequent use. Our Leisure Turf 20 is designed for heavy traffic areas and limits wear and tear and stays looking great for years, even with constant use. 

It’s great in all weather  

The ground around play equipment in childcare centres needs to be able to stand up to all types of weather conditions. Artificial turf is a great option as it doesn’t become muddy like natural grass, and it’s not slippery like pavers or concrete. This means even after bad weather, children can continue to play outdoors without making a mess or risking injury. 

It’s low maintenance

Looking after a childcare centre is a lot of work and it requires quite a lot of maintenance. Thankfully, artificial turf is a low-maintenance solution. When you install synthetic grass there’s no need for constant watering, mowing or fertilising. Low-maintenance artificial turf only needs a hose off, or for more stubborn stains a hard brush, to keep it looking great. 

It looks and feels great

It’s important to have a playground that looks appealing to children and the bright colours create a fun space for young kids. Our Leisure Turf 20 artificial turf is 20 mm high with a thick, soft feel. Using artificial turf in children’s play areas can ignite their senses and help encourage them to play outdoors. 

It can be used to create an inclusive space

It’s important to create an inclusive environment to cater to children of all abilities. Artificial turf provides an even and level surface to make areas wheelchair accessible and suitable for everyone.  

It’s eco-friendly

Another benefit of artificial turf for childcare centre playgrounds is that it’s eco-friendly. Artificial turf requires much less water than natural grass, doesn’t require any garden tools other than a hose and doesn’t need any harmful pesticides or chemicals to keep it looking beautiful. Artificial turf creates a safer and healthier environment for children to play. 

Artificial turf from Luxe Turf

Artificial grass is the preferred option for childcare centres, providing a safe, durable, beautiful, inclusive and eco-friendly playing surface for young children. It provides the best solution for children’s playgrounds and creates the perfect environment for children to play, learn and grow.

At Luxe Turf, we offer a range of commercial artificial turf options that are perfect for childcare centre playgrounds. Our Leisure Turf 20 is the ideal option if you’re looking for turf for playgrounds and here at Luxe Turf we offer the highest quality products and service you can depend on. Contact us online for a quote today or call 0400 559 958 for more information on Gold Coast artificial turf. 

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