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5 things you should know about artificial turf

At Luxe Turf we could spend all day talking about the benefits of artificial turf. It’s a great option for residential and commercial applications. 

We know everything there is to know about artificial turf, here’s 5 things you should know. 

It’s perfect for all weather conditions

One of the greatest benefits of artificial turf is that it’s great all year round and in all weather conditions. 

Are you worried your turf will fade over time? Don’t stress. Our high-quality artificial turf is perfect for those hot Australian summers, with built in UV protection to stand up to those blistering sunny days. 

With more wet weather predicted for the east coast of Australia, it’s also reassuring to know our artificial turf also handles well in rainy conditions. Our turf is perforated underneath, so water easily drains away and you won’t end up with a muddy mess like with natural grass. 

It feels great underfoot

Gone are the days when all artificial turf was hard and scratchy. Our Comfort Turf is designed to be enjoyed and has a soft, luxurious feel. 

Comfort Turf is built to be played on, a great option for kids who spend a lot of time in the yard. At 35mm high, even with its soft feel it is durable and can handle heavy traffic. 

If you’re looking for commercial turf for a playground or play area, our Leisure Turf 20 is one of the toughest on the market, while being thick and soft for those little knees. 

Low maintenance – great for travellers

Artificial turf is a great option if you love to go on holiday, but still want a beautiful looking lawn. If you’re away for long periods of time you don’t have to worry about mowing, watering or any kind of maintenance. 

It’s pet friendly

Many people don’t realise that artificial turf is suitable for pets. No more muddy paw prints and if you have a cheeky digger, you won’t have to worry about holes popping up in your backyard. 

You may think natural grass would be healthier for your pets, but it can be full of fertilisers, insects, ticks and other things that can harm your dogs or cats. Artificial grass is a great toxic-free alternative to natural grass, especially if your furry friend has allergies. 

Artificial turf comes with a warranty

We offer great warranties with the artificial turf we supply and install. Our Luxe Turf manufacturers are some of the most advanced and largest in the world, accredited for FIFA (soccer), ITF (tennis) and FIH (hockey).

If you’re looking for artificial turf on the Gold Coast, we provide a hassle free and professional service. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of premium synthetic turf. Contact us today to find out more!

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