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5 benefits of artificial turf for sporting fields 

Does your sporting field need a makeover? Is your natural grass looking old and tired and too hard to look after?

If you manage a sporting field it’s important to keep your grounds looking great and in awesome condition for the players. While natural grass looks fantastic, it takes a lot of work and maintenance to keep it in excellent condition, that’s why artificial turf is such a great alternative.

Artificial turf is a popular choice for sporting fields as it ensures your sporting fields are at their best 365 days a year. Some of the benefits of artificial turf for sporting fields include:


For sporting fields artificial turf is the most durable alternative to natural grass. It’s strong and durable and perfect for sporting fields, cricket pitches and tennis courts.

At Luxe Turf, our artificial grass is built to withstand heavy traffic and stands up against heavy use. If taken care of, artificial turf can last more than 10 years. Our range of sporting turf has been specially developed for both residential and commercial sports clubs.

The premium choice for quality sporting surfaces

Artificial turf is the best option if you want a premium quality sporting field.

For tennis courts, our Luxe Leisure Tennis Turf is in high demand, with great ball responsiveness and medium bounce to ensure players get the most out of their time on the court. Our Luxe Pro Tennis Turf has been used for over 10 years and thanks to its high-grade construction and advanced yarn technology, provides the ultimate playing surface.

For cricket, our Luxe Cricket Pitch Turf has been a favourite among cricket clubs and is available in various widths and lengths to suit all training and test pitch sizes. It’s manufactured in Australia and provides consistent bounce for school, council and club cricket.

Minimise maintenance

It’s time to give your groundskeeper a break! Artificial turf is low maintenance, which is one of the biggest draw cards for sporting clubs. There’s no need to worry about ongoing maintenance and watering and you’ll save money in the long run. With artificial turf you get all the benefits of a great looking sporting field, without the hard work.

Better for the environment

Artificial turf has a smaller carbon footprint than natural grass lawns because it doesn’t require watering. You will save on water costs while helping the environment.

Installing artificial grass can also reduce your chemical usage. With artificial turf you don’t need fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to keep your lawn looking beautiful. The runoff from natural grass can contaminate the surrounding environment, whereas most-of the time all your artificial grass needs is a hose off to remove dirt and dust.

Great for multi-sports fields

Using artificial turf for multi-sports fields is a great option! You can maximise your space by offering a multitude of different sports on one field, with each one marked out with different coloured lines. Artificial turf multi-sports fields can provide a surface to play basketball, tennis, netball, hockey and football.

Using artificial turf for multi-sports fields has many other advantages including:

• Great for all seasons – no more boggy, muddy sports fields.
• Consistent surface to play on.
• Accessible for everyone.
• They look great!

At Luxe Turf we work with clients to ensure that their sporting surface is constructed to meet all performance requirements. We supply artificial turf for tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf green, soccer fields and mult-sport fields. If you’re considering artificial turf for your sports field, get in touch we’d love to chat!

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