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5 ways artificial turf can save you money

Lawn care is expensive. Every year Australians spend thousands of dollars on lawn maintenance to keep their grass looking great. Imagine if we told you there was a way to save money and have a beautiful, low maintenance yard?

Artificial turf

Artificial grass is the new go-to for anyone wanting to save time and money, while still having a beautiful garden. At Luxe Turf our happy clients love the hassle-free nature and low upkeep associated with synthetic grass.

Whether it’s for home or business, artificial turf is a fantastic option and can save you money in several ways, including:

Forget lawn mowing fees

These days more people are time poor and pay gardeners to mow their lawn for them. With the average rate for lawn mowing services approximately $40/hour, it can add up and end up being quite expensive especially in the summer months.

With artificial turf, you may have the initial outlay, however the cost of ongoing maintenance is low. There’s no need for mowing, with only a little maintenance it will continue to look good day in day out.

Save on lawn care equipment

Even if you look after your lawn yourself, you’re going to need a lot of equipment to keep it looking great. Lawn mowers, whipper snippers, petrol, oil, sprayers and trimmers are all essential to maintain your turf. Not to mention all the servicing!

Imagine if you didn’t need to spend money on this type of equipment? Instead of replacing your lawn care equipment, sell it and consider artificial turf.

Artificial turf doesn’t need cutting, trimming or spraying. It looks beautiful with very little care and attention and you won’t need anywhere to store all your lawn care equipment.

Avoid pesticides and fertilisers

Unless it’s artificial, turf doesn’t look great on its own. To keep your natural grass looking lush it takes a lot of tender loving care.

Even if you’re not a turf connoisseur, maintaining your natural grass will still require a myriad of pesticides, fertilisers and weed killers. And the cost adds up!

Think about how much money you spend on keeping your natural grass in tip top shape, that’s a lot of money over a 10-year period. But it’s not just the financial cost, pesticides and fertilisers can be bad for your health too, especially if you have allergies.

Our artificial turf is cost effective and doesn’t require ongoing fertilisation and pesticides to keep it looking good. It can reduce allergy symptoms and is free from toxins, lead and heavy metals.
Reduce your water bills

Installing artificial turf will reduce your water bill – because it doesn’t need watering!

During summer months an average lawn requires a lot of watering to keep it looking green and lush which is both expensive and harmful to the environment. If water restrictions are implemented, it’s almost impossible to keep your natural grass looking nice.

Artificial grass has a smaller carbon footprint than natural grass lawns. It doesn’t have the same water requirements and as long as you keep a permeable sub-base under the artificial turf, any rainwater and other liquids can be absorbed back into the ground.

3 types of artificial turf from Luxe Turf

If you agree with us that artificial turf is the best option to save money, we have 3 types of turf ready to install.

Comfort Turf

If you and your family like getting out in the yard, Comfort Turf has a nice natural look with an extra luxurious feel. It can still handle heavy traffic, but feels softer underfoot.

Coastal Turf

Looking for a lawn that looks like it’s been freshly cut 365 days a year? Coastal Turf is luxurious and looks lush and green.

Forever Turf

Inspired by Australian grass, this artificial turf lives up to its name and withstands the harshest of conditions. It’s great for residential lawns and commercial recreation areas.

Luxe Turf is based on the Gold Coast and specialises in the design, supply and installation of premium synthetic turf for landscape, commercial projects and sporting facilities. Contact us today for more information and to make the life-changing swap to artificial turf or discover some of our previous projects.

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