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3 Awesome Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Your garden might be your home’s non-negotiable charming space, but factoring in mowing, chemical treatments for bindi and other weeds not to mention watering, taking care of real grass can be a chore.

Many homeowners consider transitioning to artificial lawns and for good reason—it brings a hoard of benefits you can enjoy.

Say goodbye to grass mowing, watering, fertilising, and other time-consuming lawn maintenance activities. If you’re still in need of convincing, here are the benefits of using artificial grass for your lawn:

1 – There’s no need to worry about lawn health

Maintaining a natural lawn can be time consuming, so of course, having an artificial lawn instantly takes lawn health maintenance off your to-do list!

In maintaining a natural lawn’s health, you’ll have to worry about ensuring proper irrigation, you’ll have to mow it regularly, along with fertilising it, and controlling pests and diseases. It requires a lot of attention and resources to keep it looking good, which can easily eat up your money, effort, and time. With artificial grass, you’ll keep your lawn looking great with little maintenance and costs!

2 – Say goodbye to water bills (well for the watering the grass anyway)

A real lawn can easily drive up your water rates bill. A healthy lawn requires watering early in the morning and evening, but choosing an artificial turf means that there’s no more need for frequent watering.

You’ll only need water when it eventually needs cleaning, which only happens occasionally. You’ll only need to hose the blades off with short bursts of water, unlike real grass that would absorb it require more over time.

3 – No more mud and puddles

Your lawn is susceptible to mud and puddles even if you live in a dry and sunny area, as your sprinkler system will have to spray water throughout the lawn. Walking through mud can get messy quickly! For pet owners, this can spell extra trouble, as you risk needing to clean up if they run in the house with muddy feet!

Flooding and puddles can also cause quite a lot of problems on natural lawns because flooding is not only unsightly – it can kill your grass, and that requires more maintenance. With artificial turf, you don’t need to worry about mud and puddles, because most will have built-in drainage systems.


The use of artificial grass may cause initial feelings of hesitation, but the benefits that come with it far outweigh the doubts. While a charming garden can be tempting to grow, the maintenance it requires can quickly turn into more work than reasonable. With artificial turf, however, you’ll forget about lawn health, mud, watering, and other worries a real garden might bring.

If you’re looking to relax now and enjoy the benefits artificial grass can bring, call on Luxe Turf!

We supply artificial turf in Gold Coast, allowing homeowners like you finally say goodbye to time-consuming lawn maintenance. Contact our team of specialists today for more details!

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